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Elder Law of Wenatchee P.S.

Peggi Moxley

Wenatchee Valley's First Choice for Elder Law

Serving all of North Central Washington for Elder Law, Estate Planning and Probate Attorney.

Peggi Moxley

Attorney at Law

Elder Law of Wenatchee P.S.

216 S. Mission Street Wenatchee, WA 98801


Elder Law

Our Services

• Elder Law

• Estate Planning including:

• Wills and Trusts under Wills

• Trusts – Revocable Trusts and Irrevocable Trust

• Asset Protection

• Tax Planning

• Community Property Agreements

• Health Care and Financial Powers of Attorney

• IRA Rollovers and Beneficiary Designations

• Special/Supplemental Needs Trusts

• Probate, Estate Administration and Settlement of Non Probate Assets

• Medicaid Planning

• Assistance with Medicaid Applications

• Guardianships and Avoiding Guardianships

• Stopping Elder Abuse

Elder Law

Elder Law is a conglomeration of traditional areas of law which are related to each other and concern seniors. Elder Law includes clients of all ages who have disabilities, life-threatening illnesses, or who need advice regarding government assistance or tax planning and families of such clients.

Estate Planning

It can be a little unnerving to talk about death or the possibility that disease or an accident that may leave an individual incapable of caring for themselves, but it should not keep individuals from being prepared.

There are a multitude of Wills, Trusts, and other estate planning tools. Elder Law of Wenatchee, P.S. has invested many years of study in estate planning so that Elder Law of Wenatchee P.S. can benefit its clients.

Elder Law of Wenatchee, P.S. analyzes each client’s situation, goals, needs and budget and then makes recommendations tailored specifically to that client – “one size does not fit all.”

Special/Supplemental Needs Trusts

A Special/Supplemental Needs Trust can be an important part of any estate plan to protect government benefits for an elderly or disabled family member.

Probate, Estate Administration and Settlement of Non-Probate Assets

Probate is a court supervised administration to transfer assets from the decedent to his beneficiaries under a Will.

Non-probate administration does not require court supervision to transfer assets. Elder Law of Wenatchee, P.S. assists clients with the estate settlement process, either through the probate process or through non-probate processes.

Medicaid Planning

Nursing homes are an expensive reality for many elderly and disabled individuals. To qualify for Medicaid benefits, an individual’s income and assets must be below specific amounts. In some cases, particularly for couples, there are options to protect assets from the cost of long term care.

Elder Law of Wenatchee, P.S. can help individuals and their families, depending on their specific facts and circumstances, obtain Medicaid assistance without spending all of their assets by using special planning strategies.

Assistance With Medicaid Applications

A mistake on completing a Medicaid Application can cost the elderly or disabled individual months of public benefits. The Medicaid Applications do not include instructions.

Elder Law of Wenatchee, P.S. helps clients and their families navigate the maze of completing and submitting the Medicaid Application.

Guardianships and Avoiding Guardianships

Guardianship is the legal process whereby a person who is interested in the well-being of an individual who appears unable to manage his or her own affairs in a proper manner can ask the local court to appoint an appropriate person to act on behalf of the incapacitated person.

Stopping Elder Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that there may be as high as 5 million cases of financial abuse annually in the USA.

Elder Law of Wenatchee, P.S. helps stop the abuse, helps stop the depletion of assets and helps provide a long-term solution to stop the contact between the abuser and the abused individual.

Peggi Moxley

Attorney at Law

Peggi Moxley seeks to be known as the attorney who returns phone calls and who provides her clients with outstanding legal services and focuses her practice to Elder Law including Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration, Medicaid Planning, Guardianship and Vulnerable Adult Actions.

Elder Law of Wenatchee P.S. possesses the ability of identifying a client’s objective and helps clients create a plan which achieves their objectives. “One size does not fit all” as each client has their own unique facts and circumstances which must be considered before creating a solution for each client.


Personal Solutions, One Client At A Time.

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